Hey there!

I'm Zavexeon, a developer, novice artist, and a few other things too.

Welcome to my personal website, zave.tech. You can read a bit more about me, check out my blog, or ridicule the front end code of this site if you truly wish. Enjoy your stay!



My name's Zavexeon, most call me Zave, though. Thanks for checking out my website and taking interest in reading about me!

My Dev Life

I'm a self taught developer. I've been programming for nearly 5 years but I've only started taking it seriously in the past year. My experience is mostly in backend, and I've developed a love for writing servers, but recently I've taken a try at front end and have built a few websites.

My Personal Life

Outside of programming, some of my hobbies include art and collecting retro game consoles. I frequently build and program robots, and I moderate repl.it talk in my free time.

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